Black Friday – bah humbug

Black Friday – bah humbug

It’s black Friday. For the past few months, many institutions have been clamoring for your attention because they want your dollars. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. This time of year it doesn’t end until January 1st. Then everything falls off – sales and donations.

I’ve never worked in retail public relations, but I have worked in nonprofit public relations. This time of year is crazy time. The time when you can work weeks on end without a day off. Why? Nonprofits generally make 60 percent of their budget within these last few months. People think about giving more during this time of year and nonprofits have to capitalize on it, if they plan to continue their mission. This is especially true if they don’t take government funding.

I’m sure nonprofits and retailers marketing dollars increase during these last several months. I know in the nonprofit I worked work, every dollar spent, they were gamer, orbweavermake $6. I’m sure there is some equation that retail follows as well. That is why we seem so bombarded with advertisements, mail, email, commercials, banner ads, etc. They want your attention and it works most of the time.

Although, I’ve seen the ads, I really haven’t paid much attention. Today, I looked through my emails, went to the websites of the store I was interested in but frankly, I was disappointed in most of the sale items. The deals weren’t really deals and if they were, they were already sold out. I did find Razer’s orbweaver for $40 off for my gamer husband Shakeboxing. That’s the lowest price I’ve seen it during the past year so I bought it. The only other thing I saw that I wanted was a $88 refurbished laptop but it was sold out. So marketing and PR professionals, working extremely long hours to help their brand successful, failed on this customer. The products and the prices were bah humbug!

I feel for the countless hours public relations and marketing professionals are are putting in. I’ve been there. I have empathy. It’s exhausting but if you want me to grab my dollars, you have to do better. Besides, the holidays is better spend on personal gifts for our loved ones. They matter more!

Happy holidays,

Sharon Couts

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